Best hairstyle trend for men 2021

Believe it or not, 2021 is here, and 2020 was a crazy weird year. Things didn’t go as planned for most people. But one of the cool side effects of 2020 was the profound changes to hairstyle trends you saw .

When barbershops and salons closed down, men worldwide had to either cut the hair themselves or wait and let it grow.

Until things opened up again, and that shook up all of the men’s hairstyle trends because no one had a fresh fade anymore. Everyone’s hairstyles started to change okay, so that’s 2020. 


Still, what’s going to happen in 2021? Well, that is what this article is all about. I’m going to give you the best hairstyles to look fabulous this year.

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The first hairstyle on today’s list is extra flowy and favorite hairstyle right now, as you can see,


It is just one of the coolest hairstyles you can get. In my opinion, it’s flowy; it’s careless. You know it’s trending because guys all over the world are letting their hair grow and taking zoom meetings instead of going into the office to work so you can let your hair grow, so why not do it right?

Alex costa hairstyle
Source : Instagram

 And it works for a few different hair types. If you have straight hair, you can blow dry it to add some waves and body to your hair.

If you have wavy hair, then it’s perfect, and even if you have more of a curly hairstyle, this still works for you. You know this length is kind of perfect for it. Just grab it from the side here and bring it over, and it kind of looks cool.

You can dig the way it looks, just like flowy, careless don’t care about it being perfect. It’s more about just having it be flowy and carefree. Use any clay or wax and add volume where you need it, and it doesn’t give you crazy hold because that’s not what you want. You want it to be flowy.

You want it to be soft, you know what I mean, but once You put it in place, it kind of stays there, which is excellent.  


Curtains were possibly the most significant trendiest hairstyle of 2020. you know, this vintage hairstyle, the middle part or curtains it started getting more traction in 2019.

Curtains hairstyle trends 2021

You know I was like, you know what? This is going to be a big hit in 2020. but I had no idea how big it was going to be. It became this whole thing. It was way bigger than I thought. You know you had the tick-tock boys wearing it.

curtains hairstyle mid frag

Then the 90s trend came back in a fashion, which means that many people wore 90s style in 90s hairstyles. Then the hair salons closed, so all of that was like just the trifecta. That is needed to become the most popular hairstyle of 2020. Here is one with beard .

Top 24+ curtains hairstyle 2021
Source : pintrest

 I don’t see it changing in 2021. The curtains are still going to be one of the most prominent hairstyles of the year because people have this kind of length right now.

Old curtains hairstyle 1900
Source : Pintrest

And with curtains, you kind of only part it in the middle. It doesn’t have to be too perfect, but you know something like that all right. 


Spoiler alert this is the only undercut on this list why. As I said, undercuts and fades are not trendy at the moment. I don’t see those types of haircuts trending in 2021 because the pandemic is still around. The curly undercut is still happening, but this hairstyle is unique; you know, we’ll be seeing a lot of it. 

Zane undercut curly hairstyle 2021

It’s unique because curly hairstyles are trending, which is a sick cut. You can have the sides short Hairs that faded pretty disconnectedly from the top. The top is curly and flowy. It looks awesome. I think we’re moving away from the sculpture type of hairstyle and going into more wild types of looks, and that is why the curly undercut made the cut with no pun intended there.

Messt curly undercut hairstyle trends 2021

But No other undercut is on this list, which is crazy because Undercut Hairstyle filled this list last year and the year before with undercuts to style a curly undercut. Next on the list, You can do it now. 


It’s back because guys who grew their hair out in 2020 . now has a man bun in 2021, and it’s funny because I had a man bun.

Man bun hairstyle to try after lockdown
Source : Pintrest

Still, it was like an undercut man bun, so I had this pretty much shaved; now, here I am in 2021 with longer hair. I’ve ever had in my life and planning on growing even a little bit longer so that I can have the man bun for 2021 for a couple of months at least.

Beard bun hairstyle 2021 Hairstyle trends
Source : Instagram

I feel like that’s what guys all over the world are doing. Guys are excited to have long hair at least once in their lives, which is the time to do it.

Man bun hairstyle 2021
Source : Pintrest

You’re home and not going into an office, you’re not taking any in-person meetings, you’re not traveling.

Side man bun hairstyle to try after lockdown
Source : Google

You’re not going to the bar, so you don’t have to look great perfect, you know what I mean. This time is the ideal time to have a man. We are going to be seeing a lot of man buns in 2021.


The buzz cut will trend this year buzz cut, and it’s going to trend maybe one of the biggest trends in 2021. As soon as people can get out of our houses again and have the man bun, they have the curtains and medium-length hair.

Buzz cut hot hairstyle

They’re going to want to get a buzz cut; they’re just going to buzz it off, so you’re going to have guys with a man bun guys with a buzz cut.

Buzz cut look good with short hair

It’s going to be like pretty much no in-between here in terms of the biggest trends for this year, and who can blame them? Right the buzz cut is one of the coolest haircuts I ever like. It’s just so masculine. It’s so strong it accentuates your jaw.

Hollywood actor trying buzz cut

It makes you look like you got that military look. Many guys like that look every celebrity who is anyone in the hair world has had a buzz cut you know David Beckham, Zane


And that’s when your hair is a little longer, and you have it messy and wavy; it doesn’t work well with straight hairs. Suppose you had wavier hair if you had curlier hair. It just looks nice and long. There’s a sexy appeal to it.

John snow messy hair look

I think many guys are going to be wearing this long messy wavy hair just because they’re growing out their hair.

Messy hair look

They want to look different, and if they don’t want to have a man bun, they’ll just put it down and have it be nice and flowy, and it’s going to look fabulous. 

Messy hair side look

I guess this is more like the snow of hairstyles, you know, and yes, it trended when the game of thrones first came out, and he had that hair, but now people are actually like okay.

Hot look with messy and curly hair

This next hairstyle is the safest of hairstyles on today’s list .


 It’s a hairstyle that, honestly, I probably put in every list I ever do, every single year for the rest of my life, and it’s the side part. It is the safest, the most professional hairstyle you can ever have. It’s a little bit boring if you ask me.

Side part hairstyle trend 2021

You know, unless you’re wearing a suit or you’re going to work as a salesman, the side part is just not really for you. Because it is a little bit boring but is it going to trend .lot of guys don’t want to take any risks with their hairstyle.

Side part hairstyle trned for 2021

They don’t want to grow it out and don’t want to get a buzz cut. They want to go for the side part. It’s the side part they’ve had since they were a kid, and now it’s the side part they’re going to have in 2021. 

Side part look for office

It’s my recommendation that you should not go for the side part. Go for any of the other ones on this list because you will be much happier, and you will get way more compliments than having a side cut. The next hairstyle on this list is an afro guy. 


I’ve seen a lot of afros on both guys and girls lately. It’s fantastic; man, it just looks so freaking cool. I love that style. You know we’re going back to big hair, right long hair, wavy hair, messy hair, and the same for the black community.

Afro hairstyle look

I love seeing these. I see people not too many people walking around anymore. Still, I do see a few people walking around here and there.

Most trendy hairstyle look

Man, the afro is back in its full effect, and I absolutely love the way it looks, so if you’re trying to grow it out, then go for it and give it a shot, guys. 


I have almost covered all the trend you would like to try after lock down is over . It doesn’t matter which hairstyle you pick , But keep in mind to keep it well maintained and stylish .

You can just have screenshot of your favorite haircut so that it will be easy for you and your barber to make you look stylish . You can just scroll the article and show them the hairstyle you want .

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