Bandi amuk

Kuala Lumpur: After three years of learning to recite the Quran from the basic level, the famous rock singer Bandi Amuk, 57, is grateful to be finished recently.

Bandi or real name Nasabandi Jumat 

He started studying in mid-2017 with an Ustaz.”I spoke to Ustaz for khatam, and he welcomed me. Alhamdulillah, I succeeded. During the three years I studied, the experiments were many. Although I could read the Qur’an, I chose to start with Iqra because I wanted to correct tajwid and Maharaj. that was what I did. So long, but it does not matter as long as I study.

“If I now read surah Yassin, I can know where the harakat, Maharaj, and so on are. I enjoy reading surah Yassin because I know where to stop,” he told Harian Metro.

Bandi, who now lives in Johor Bahru, said that if there were performances in Sabah and Sarawak, he was willing to take an early flight to study. There was a time when I came home. 19 and continued to shower and get ready because the class started. 20.30.

“I want to stay because if I have studied, it feels fun. I want to tell everyone who wants to recite the Qur’an if it is possible to hug the Qur’an first, kiss, and bow their heads.

“The intention in the heart is that the Qur’an is in our hearts and ourselves. It feels enjoyable. It’s impossible to complete it yourself at home, but to finish it in front of the teacher who teaches us is different. It makes me careful and does not make mistakes in front of it, “he said.

What Bandi Amuk wanted?

Bandi said he also did not want what he did to be treated as a show to fans.

“My friend Ustaz Radin asked for permission to post on Facebook. If this is one of the catalysts for people to learn, it’s okay. There’s no intention for me to curl up.

“I will continue to study after completing the Movement Control Order (PKP). I am late because there are usually performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday while there are classes. It makes it so late. I usually return to “Johor Bahru Monday and the next day. Tuesday there are more classes. Sometimes the body feels tired,” he said.

Bandi admits that he used to read the Koran with his eyes closed because he was too tired.

“Ustaz felt sorry for me and said he did not have to come if he was tired. However, I still came because he wanted to stay in class. After all, I saw people who were studying wished to go ahead. Me.

“I urge my friends and other Muslim communities to learn to recite the Qur’an because we want to reach the end. At least we have supplies later,” he said.

In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Bandi is now helping to market his frozen curry business by his wife.

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