180 degree haircut

What’s up, guys? Welcome to today’s blog. I’m going to be focusing on a haircut straight out of hair school now. This haircut is a basic haircut called a 180 degree haircut. Everything’s going to be lifted straight up from the head.
You’ll notice my sectioning was very basic. The primary four quadrants, so I go right down center back down, and then I go at the division point from the high end of the head down to behind the ear.


how to cut a 180 degree haircut

how to cut a 180 degree haircut

I start taking a right in the very front of the head, my sections straight up. The key to this haircut and success with the haircut is to take tiny fine sections about half an inch wide.

Take about 70 percent of your old cut hair ( The hair you already cut ) and add 30% of new hair. That’s going to make sure that you have a nice clean guideline and you’re not over directing the hair too far away from where it lives. So you get a nice clean line as you lift the hair and cut it.

So you can see everything’s coming straight up from the head, not being over directed at all.

what does a 180 degree haircut look like

what does a 180 degree

This is about working the fundamentals learn how to lay your hair, and then you can transfer that into different things. So this is all straight up from the head. But then there are other techniques where you’re going to over direct the hair, but this is them in the most basic form creating layers on the head shape.

Another essential fundamental of haircutting is not cutting past your second knuckle. I want to discuss this because a lot of people think don’t cut past your second knuckle. After all, you might cut yourself.

180 degree haircut slide cutting

180 degree haircut slide cutting

It has nothing to do with cutting your knuckles; it has everything to do with tension.

Tension is essential in a haircut because if you don’t have the same pressure throughout your section. And if the tip of your finger is holding the hair tighter. Then the hair on the inside of your finger is going to be loose.

When it’s loose, it’s pulled out, and then when you cut your line, you don’t get your nice hard line.

Many people need to hold the hair tight to comb it tight. When you do that, you’re pulling the hair where it naturally lives.

a basic haircut where the hair is cut at a 180-degree angle is the

a basic haircut where the hair is cut at a 180-degree angle

Honestly, lighter tension on most hair types is the way to go throughout most haircutting.
There are times where you need tighter tension, and there are times where you need even less tension.
When you’re working around a cowlick area, you want to be light on the tension because you don’t want to pull the hair too far from where it wants to fall naturally.
Those are critical things, so really focus on that tension don’t worry about the second knuckle thing so much.

180 degree haircut definition

180 degree haircut definition

Just understand that your tension is going to be different past your second knuckle in most cases. So you can see my body position has not changed within this haircut.

I’m staying in the back of the head. I’m combing the hair away from my body. Another critical thing to focus on is how do you comb the hair. What separates a good hairdresser and a great hairdresser is how well they comb it’.
Not how well they cut. It’s where they comb the hair to cut it off right.
Anything you do with the hair, any shift that you make with your section will change your haircut outcome, either for the good or the bad.

180 degree haircut pictures

180 degree haircut pictures

Just understand every move you make and why it’s doing what it’s doing.
Notice my last comb is away from my body because I’m pushing that new hair to the guide. I want it to live right at the guideline. I don’t want to move my focus to the new section because that’ll make my guide shorter.
Just finishing up notice is still consistent with the combing making sure I’m pushing the hair something great.

I would highly recommend any of you guys film yourself or have somebody film you cutting hair so that you can take it back and watch it and learn from it.
Study what you do and the consistency that you do it because that will make you a better hair cutter in the end, alright.

180 degree haircut step by step

step by step

We’re continuing from the front to the back key thing here to stay vertical, so we cut vertically from the very front to the midpoint of the head, and now I’m going to start in the center back connect using a guideline.
From the top of the head and connect, through and work my way across the head shape’s back, haircutting is three dimensional. You’re working horizontally, and you’re working vertically.

You’re working with the length right, so horizontally, you’re working with your shape and just what that line will be.

Are you following the head shape?
And are you building corners?
Are you pushing weight to the front?
Track pushing weight to the back?

180 degree haircut diagram


That’s horizontal, then when you will get vertical, that’s how much weight you’re leaving on the haircut. You pick your length and makeup all the different aspects of what the haircut is all about.

I’m working vertically, which is also working on my elevation, but at the same time, I’m building a line horizontally so to try to help you guys, you know, make that make sense.

If I took any of this hair and I pull it up vertically or horizontally, I should see a perfect line.
It shows that the shape that I was creating is precise, so make sure you do your cross-checking.

180 degree short haircut hairstyles

short haircut hairstyles

Make sure that you have a line both ways, and you’ll know that you did this haircut correctly so you can see still pushing the hair away from my body into that guideline.

I work on the opposite side. When I’m working on the head’s left-hand side, I will be pulling the hair towards my guide.

But everything’s still coming straight up from the head shape. Notice how I comb the hair. I am using the tight teeth of the comb at this point .
Combing the hair away from myself and keeping my section nice and clean because the worst thing you want to do is get tangled up in.

And lots of hair, so keep your areas clean even if it takes you a little bit extra time. You can see that line that we’re creating right there in the dry let’s semi-dry look of it now we’re going to blow a try.
But keep your sections clean as you work through the haircut. It may take a tiny bit longer to do that.

180 degree haircut celebrities

degree haircut celebrities

Still, you’re not going to have to go back and make any Corrections because you have it right the first time.
Now I’m going with Paul Mitchell neuro lift, and we’re going to do an extra like a full-body blowout for this cut because when I was in beauty school.
I learned with rollers, you did a 180-degree haircut, then you did some Roller set, and you got lots and lots of volume.

pictures of a 180 degree haircut

pictures of a 180 degree haircut

We’re going to mimic that using our blow dryer and then my ergo paddle brush, and I’m going to set the hair to get maximum volume again.
The end style of this is not the point of this haircut. It will be a little bit dated because there’s nothing modern about this technique, but all of these techniques can be used in the salon you want to build volume.

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does a 180 degree haircut add volume

haircut add volume

You do on the base blowout I’m going through. I’m keeping everything very symmetrical. This is a very basic round brush blow-dry.
Key things here focus on the truck and trailer method, which keeps that nozzle. Following the round meeting and working my way over and over that section.
I say it is like the hair stages go from wet to damp to dry to smooth right, so many people will go right to dry and leave it alone.

You want to do a couple of extra passes over the hair that’ll get that shine in it. Because shiny hair doesn’t come, it’s not only naturally shiny. What shiny hair is a perfect cuticle laying down nice and soft?

Reflecting light, so you want to make sure that that cuticle is laying nice and smooth the way you do that adds that heat and just really smoothing it out the other thing that.

180 degree haircut manikin

180 degree haircut manikin

I’m trying to shine the smoothness, and two, it’s going to protect the hair from the heat because most damage comes from blow-drying hair, so I do that then I go in with Paul Mitchell narrow finish set the hair let it all cool.

long layered 180 degree haircut

long layered 180 degree haircut

I start taking out the pins right so we get our set. You can see the volume. It’s just crazy maximum volume looks even better on really long hair, but these mannequins are only as long as they are so, but you could see the seamlessness of the layers, which I love.


Every one is beautiful and unique in their own . Just follow the above stated step to get a beautiful 180 degree haircut . You can also take video referance from youtube too . If you like the blog do follow and share it with others .

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