Mornings are always the busiest time of the day.Lets see few Easy And Simple Hairstyles For Girls Who Are Always In A Rush . And if you work, they become even more hectic. So, managing your hair on top of everything else is a major chore for most. And, if you happen to have a bad hair day, the entire day will most likely be ruined. 


A good hairdo gives you the confidence to take on the world and makes people sit up and take notice. For the busy lady, lack of time must never translate to a lack of style. For that exact reason, we’ve come up with ten easy instant hairstyles you can do fast. Anyone can put all the hairstyles on our list together in a minute! Let’s take a look at them-


Braided bun

Now, the braided bun looks complicated. But it is straightforward and perfect for medium-length hair. Start by parting your hair in the middle and braid both sides (any braiding style works). Next, hold two ends of the braid together and twist into a bun at the nape. Finally, use a hair elastic at the base of the bun to secure it and also this is one of the  Easy And Simple Hairstyles For Girls .



This glamorous hairstyle for long hair is effortless. All you have to do is sweep a section of hair behind your ears and secure it with hairpins. For the extra oomph, you could get creative with your hairpins. For example, run two of them parallelly or cross them to form an “X.”  


Pineapple hairstyle

This super quick hairstyle is excellent for curly hair. Pile all your curls on the top of your head and secure them with a rubber band or a trendy scarf. This look is perfect for most occasions.


Temple twist easy hairstyles for girls

We all have days when a few strands or sections of hair misbehave. The temple twist will come to your rescue on such days. First, grab a section of hair, twist with fingers, and use a hairpin or barrette to secure it. Then, for the rest of the hair, tousle it or make a messy bun. This Easy And Simple Hairstyles For Girls  takes less than a minute!


5.Side-parted bob easy hairstyles for girl

The side-parted bob is extremely popular with those with fine hair. This chick hairstyle adds volume and requires very little time. First, use an air dryer for fine hair to dry the hair on the side you don’t want the parting to be. Then, flip your hair to the side where you want the parting. This hack will give your hair a lift in an instant.


Scarf Braid

The scarf braid transforms your long tresses into an incredibly chic fashion statement quickly. First, tie a ponytail with the end of a silk scarf. Next, make two equal sections of the ponytail and braid the remaining length of the scarf with the two sections. Finish off by tying the last inch or so of the scarf around the hair that’s left. The braid can be left to hang loose or gathered to form a bun.  


Knotted ponytail easy hairstyles for girl

Another fabulous and quick hairstyle for those with long hair is the knotted ponytail. First, make a ponytail and twist the base a few times like you do to make a bun. Then, gather the remaining hair and pull it through the middle of the bun to form the knotted ponytail. Leave the ends free-flowing for that elegant look. 


Wash and go hairstyle

For those wanting a natural look quickly, the wash and go is the way to go. Wash or make your hair moist, apply your favourite product, and style hair any way you want it. This easy method is suitable for all types and lengths of hair.   


Headbands hairstyles

This favourite childhood accessory has been the classic go-to for a hairdo in a hurry. It gives your hair, polish, and control in seconds! Brush your hair and slip on the headband over the strands. The ends can be left loose, tied into a low ponytail, or secured with a large barrette. 



This hairstyle takes only seconds and is perfect for curly hair. Make a loose braid after gathering hair to one side and secure the ends with a hair elastic. Use a bit of gel or any other product if you think there is a possibility of your hair losing moisture. This one was last in the list of Easy And Simple Hairstyles For Girls .


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hairdos that suit the shape of your face. All the above easy hairstyles take less than a minute with a bit of practice. But it is crucial to have a good hair care regimen as healthy hair is easier to style. 

Haircare starts with a balanced diet, plenty of fluids, and good sleep. Ensure that you use quality products recommended for your hair type. These habits will not only make your hair healthy but make your overall appearance vibrant.


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